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Scared & overwhelmed by Birth? Ready for free tips on how to become fiercely confident & empowered instead?

"Early this year we purchased the Dr.MaMa Gold package, and it was the best investment we have ever made. We enjoyed every session of HypnoBirthing and I was cared for by a fantastic Doula Homeopath during the whole pregnancy and finally I had an amazing natural birth. I was totally calm and focused, with the support of my lovely Doula, all at home, with my family. We couldn't ask for anything else. Thanks a lot. Our life has changed forever."
Vicky C, Reading, Berkshire


Welcome To Dr.MaMa HypnoBirthing®

Helping you to have a healthy pregnancy and easier birth, in Reading and around Berkshire.

Why Use Dr.MaMa HypnoBirthing®?

Become your own best self-advocate!

- You will enhance the possibilities of enjoying a healthy pregnancy.
- You will boost the outcomes of having an easier birth.
- You will have access to many therapies, courses and products on the same location.
- Convenient and central Reading location from Monday to Saturday, plus diverse locations in Reading and Berkshire.
- Enjoy one to one, in-depth and tailor-made visit with homeopaths, integral therapist, childbirth educators, doulas and soon midwifes.
- We run successful and effective mobile services.
- Weekday, weekend and evening appointments available.
- 24/7 electronic contact.
- Easy-payment terms and arrangements.
- Being part of our networking where you will meet other mums and babies with the same interests.
- Weekly information in popular, interesting topics, all based in actual scientific research.
- Access to exclusive, high quality and good price products for you and your baby needs.
- We offer a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with our services.

Dr.MaMa HypnoBirthing® Reading Berkshire is affiliated with HypnoBirthing UK - The Mongan Method

The precious baby at the top is Joshua. This little sweetie was born 17/03/2014. He is gorgeous and very contented, always smiling and happy. Thank you to Joshua and his special family for letting me use his photo. This photo was shot by Charlotte Christine. Charlotte is a newborn photographer and baby photographer based near Reading. For more detail please visit http://www.charlottechristiephotography.com/.

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